Bubble bursting

Um texto para matar o mito da igualdade de géneros nórdica? Um blog de uma mulher cientista, ‘Professor‘. Interessante. 🙂

Através dele fui dar a este, também de uma mulher na ciência e meio académico.

E depois a este, em que li um texto que achei interessante, sobre o aborto. Trechos:

«The studies I've read show that women are vastly responsible about children. Give women economic power, and the status and well-being of children rises. Educate women, their children will be educated. Give women power over their lives, including the power to decide when to become mothers, and children are much, much better off. I went to the March on Washington in April, and I took pseudonymous kid and carried him sleeping the whole way, and I have never, never felt so safe as a mother, so sure that my kid was adored, as in that crowd of feminist women who know that motherhood is something to be taken seriously.» (…)

«My experience, my belief, my knowledge is that women take children incredibly seriously. It seems to me that so much of the abortion debate is predicated on an abstraction that fails to acknowledge that basic fact. Read the stories in that blog I linked: over and over the women in those stories say, "I can't do that to a child," meaning, "I can't give birth to a child with a drug addiction," "I can't raise a child in my abusive relationship," "I want the best for my child, and that includes giving my child a mother who has achieved something."» (…)

«It is precisely because having children is so important that abortion is something that can't be legislated away. When it's illegal, desperate women who know the importance of children will still abort pregnancies they know they can't bring to term. Because women will do anything, including risk their own lives, for their kids. Women have had abortions from time immemorial. To call abortion "selfish," as some do, is to completely deny that women are moral agents, to completely deny the importance of motherhood. I have no doubt that there are women who are selfish, who have abortions for idiotic reasons, who do stupid things. Women can be fucked up. But fucked-up women make fucked-up mothers; more importantly, the vast, vast majority of women take this whole question of children incredibly seriously. It is one of the most serious things we have to deal with (whether or not we have them, because having them will, as people say, "change your life"), and there is just no way that it's right to take away from women, to take away from mothers, the right to make decisions for their children. Because no one is better qualified, no one cares more, no one knows better than I do, or than any woman does, what is best for my kid. Period.»

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